Product Mapping

Product mapping is a process to compare any particular product of an organisation with its competitor’s products in order to increase accuracy level and dominate the market by providing a competitive product in the market. This also helps to benchmark and understand the specific position of the product.

While rendering any product or services into the international market or entering into a new market, the basic challenge in front of any organization is with regards to the niche of the market and the consumer orientation in the same. For Instance, an oil controlling face wash company choses to introduce its product in the Americas may not find a strong business potential as the climatic conditions in the country does not require the population there to use oil control face washes. Hence, introducing the product in the Americas may turn out to be an introduction fail.


Product Mapping

How We Assist?

VeroReserach have the team of experts with great experience of multiple industries and product knowledge. We execute a study and create comparison between the products and benchmark them on different standards/basis by understanding the major attributes and features and help client with the right positioning of the product/service.

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